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The NEA's
sensitivity tutors

George Will    August 26, 2002

The results, on the NEA's Web site (www.neahin.org), illustrate three things that make the public education establishment a national menace. 

Hitting Back? 
The United States' Policy of Pre-Emptive Self-Defense Could Rewrite the Rules of Military Engagement  8/28
Cheney cites 'risks of inaction' with Iraq 
'We will not simply look away' 8/27/02
  Cheney stumps for action 
 on Iraq     8/29/02
  Powell Privately Laying Out 
 Case to Allies That Saddam 
 Is Threat
. .
 al-Qaida Said to Find 
 Refuge in Camp 
 Report Says Nearly 200 
 al-Qaida Members Have 
 Found Refuge in Lebanon 
 With Syria's Permission 
        Go There

The Associated Press 
 ABC-news   \      9/2/02 

Bolton said     8/29/02
"President Bush's use of the term 'axis of evil' to describe Iran, Iraq and North Korea was more than a rhetorical flourish -- it was factually correct," 
Al-Qaeda Chem Arms Factory  8/24