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XL Cargo - XL 6x12               $3,115 

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XL Cargo
XL 6x12
6'x12' XL Single Axle Flat Top Cargo Trailer with spring assist rear ramp door, 32"x62" RV style side door, 66" wall height
Standard Features:

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XL 6x12 Single Axle Cargo Trailer - Standard Features

100% tubular steel chassis - We use 100% tubular steel for this enclosed trailer's frame, walls and ceiling supports. Our 100% tube steel chassis is Gator coated which eliminates the need to paint or undercoat it at all.

Gator Shield frame - No undercoating is needed! Gator coated steel tubing is a patented triple layer Flo-Coat® rust and corrosion resistant protection system it has demonstrated to be the best over the long haul versus all competitive product offerings. When rust and corrosion protection is needed - Gator coated steel tubing really is "Gator Tough".

2" A-Frame coupler - This is a standard coupler that is safe, reliable and easy to use.

Dual safety chains - H&H installs 1/4" steel safety chains standard on this trailer. They are long to give you plenty play during hook-up and turning.

Tongue mounted 2,000 jack - The 2,000lb swivel-up jack makes raising and lowering this cargo trailer a breeze.

Pre-wired 7 prong lighting harness - Another standard feature on every H&H cargo trailer is the attention to detail in the final wiring sequence. Not only do we hand fit and test the entire loom, but we have also worked with our suppliers to create an interchangeable trailer lighting plug system. Each H&H enclosed trailer comes standard with a 7 spade RV style lighting plug. But if you need your H&H cargo trailer with a 6 Prong style plug or even wish to operate with a 4 Prong Flat boat style plug, your H&H enclosed trailer dealer can change plugs in seconds without splicing a single wire!

Smooth, rivetless .030 aluminum body system - By eliminating screws or rivets, you end up with a glassy smooth wall that is sealed against moisture or dust and you’ll have no worries about corroding screws or rivets working their way loose. It is a superior way to build a trailer body and it’s standard on EVERY H&H Cargo trailer. To keep costs down we are currently offering the XL cargo trailers in white only. This trialer has a 66" wall height.

32” passenger side RV style access door - Our new standard self latching door is set in a protected aluminum extruded jam. It includes a steel latch plate and inside latch handle! The key lock makes securing your door much easier and faster.

Standard .090 aluminum fenders - These all aluminum fenders will help you avoid the chipping and rusting of painted steel fenders and avoid the cracking and breakage associated with plastic or fiberglass fenders. Trust us, the few extra dollars that are spent for aluminum fenders are worth it. Plus, they look REALLY good.

Standard 2990lb GVWR rating - The 2990lb GVRW comes from a tried and true steel leaf spring suspension system and new ST series tires on full 15” rims. This is the same suspension and rolling stock that has more than proven itself on our flatbed trailer series for over 13 years.

White spoke wheels with ST205-15 tires - White spoke wheels give this utility trailer a stylish and modern look and the ST205-15C tires will keep your trailer rolling down the road.

Brass bushed body hardware, hinges, and door latches - By adding a brass bushing inside of each swivel, you eliminate seizing due to corrosion and should eliminate any need for you to ever lubricate our hinges or hardware for the life of the cargo trailer.

Curved aerodynamic front body - A curved front body helps reduce wind drag which in turn makes the trailer tow better and saves you money at the gas station!

16” tall polished ATP rock guard - Polished aluminum diamond plate panel is sheared, formed, trimmed around the tongue and installed on the front of EVERY trailer. Plus we finish each rock guard panel with custom aluminum trim at no cost.

D.O.T. lighting and Thinline L.E.D. taillights - XL Series lighting system is fully D.O.T. compliant. The Thinline L.E.D. taillights are brighter, light up three times faster and last 500 times longer than regular lights. They eliminate your worries about a bulb going out. They also give you the security of knowing that since they are brighter, people behind you will see them easier, even in bright daylight and since they light up 3/10ths of a second quicker, it gives people behind you 100 more feet of stopping space at 70 miles per hour, which helps to avoid accidents while towing.

Rear ramp gate with single cable spring assist - The rear ramp door on our XL 6x12 enclosed trailer comes standard with a spring assist cable system that does a majority of the work for you. We use the same system on all of our larger enclosed trailers so it is a given that it will work great on these smaller cargo trailers too.

CCA treated wood floor and mahogany lined interior - The interior of this trailer is lined with 7mm mahogany hardwood laminate on the walls. We put 3/4" CCA treated plywood on the trailer's floor.