36'X36' BARN HOUSE     $64,021.00      http://www.barnpros.com/Pricing.htm 
The total floor plan is 2076 sq.ft., 3 bedrooms, two baths, large kitchen and living/dining rooms.

<> 36'x36' BARN HOUSE DETAILS:  The total floor plan has 2016 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms and two baths, large kitchen and living/dining rooms.            

The Barn House package will include the following:

q                   The house walls are approximately 12’-6” high, enclosed with 2x8 SPF select grade log siding and cedar trim-work on the outside. 

§          A Tyvek house wrap for vapor and moisture seal encloses the whole house.

§          The walls then have a 7/16 OSB wall sheeting, nailed to 2x6 stud walls that go in between the exterior 6x8 “ACQ” treated post.  This wall system will allow for an R-21-insulation batt (PLEASE NOTE THAT INSULATION IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE). 

§          The interior walls then can be covered with drywall or wood – WE DO NOT INCLUDE THE WALL COVERING FOR THE INSIDE FINISH.

 q                   The exterior walls bolt down to a full 6” concrete slab that has a thickened edge (approx. 12”wide x18”deep with #4 rebar).   Remember, the walls go in between the 6x8 “ACQ” treated post. 

 q          The foundation of the house consists of the exterior 6x8 “ACQ” treated post going down approx. 4-0” to a footing pad and tying into the thickened edge.  This is a very solid and cost effective type of foundation that is consistent with a true barn style timber frame.  This also saves on site preparation.

q                   The first floor system is a 6” continuous full concrete slab with a vapor seal below. 

§          This lends itself to hydronic floor heating if that is how you choose to heat the house. 

§          The concrete floor can then be patterned or covered with a wood floor or carpet.

 q                   The 2nd floor system is all exposed Doug Fir timbers that make up the structural and the finished floor.   

§          The floor beams are 6x12”s that are 12-0” on center and 4x10” floor joist that are 4-0” on center, using black inverted hangers. 

§          The floor system is then covered with 2x6 select grade SPF T&G.  The 2x6 T&G flooring creates a finished rustic look below, as well as a nice wood floor above.

q                   The roof system is similar to the floor system, in that once you frame it up you are done.  It has a very rustic, timber frame appearance.  

§          The roof is framed with double 4x12” Doug Fir beams bolted to the 6x8 “ACQ” treated wall post. 

§          They then go all the way to the roof ridge where they are spliced together with large black steel splice plates.

§          There are also four main roof supports that are huge 6x10 Doug Fir timbers.  

§          The 6x10 timbers are non-treated posts that sit in a steel saddle flush with the top of the concrete slab.

§          The ceiling and the large timbers are approx. 22-0” tall and exposed all the way up.

§          The roof then has 4x8 perlins that are 4-0” on center to support the 2x6 T&G roof sheeting.

§          The ceiling then has a fully exposed timber frame roof system.

§          On top of the timber frame roof system are 2x10” joist at 24” on center that provide for R-30 high density insulation batts and roof sheet over the top of the 2x10.