'Politically correct elite' resorting to intimidation
         August 17, 2000
The West Haven police chief has recently come under fire for allegedly making racially biased remarks and a hue and cry has been made for his immediate resignation.

It apparently doesn't make any difference if the remarks were truthful or accurate. These variables never seem to enter the equation. 

If the remarks show the black community in an unfavorable light, such remarks are immediately branded racist and a call is made for the destruction of the perpetrator via loss of his livelihood and the end of his career. 

A tribunal of four lawyers is being set up to dissect the chief's remarks, which he claims were taken out of context 

The chief accuser is a detective reprimanded by the chief. The head of the West Haven Black Coalition calling for the chief's ouster is this detective's wife. I wonder if there is a connection ? 

The politically correct elite have, over time, foisted on the American mind the notion that anything depicting minorities in other but the most favorable terms is some sort of moral felony demanding swift punishment. At the same time, the activities of the NAACP and the Black Coalition in raising such issues serves as a sinister form of intimidation of the American public. 

We all should deplore remarks and activities if such remarks and activities are truly racist. At the same time, we should not shrink from expressing our ideas. 

John Kelly
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