Cop spotted on TV after calling in sick 
       New Havern Register        3/18/01              < New London Traianed ? >
Associated Press

BEVERLY, Mass. - A Beverly police officer faces a suspension after he called in sick during a recent snowstorm, then was caught on tape at Logan intern national Airport, where he was taking off early for a ski vacation. 

George O'Brien was interviewed on camera March 5 by New England Cable News. which was at Logan in the early mornng to talk to people about the snow storm.

O'Brien had called in sick for his shift that day, which started at 11:30 p.m. the previous night and ran until 7:00 a.m., the Salem Evening News reported. 

The interview was replayed several times between 7 a.m. and  noon March 5, and word spread through the police department  O'Brien wasn't really sick. 

O'Brien then called in sick for his next shift, and lied about where he was, a source told the paper. 

O'Brien is Beverly's night patrol supervisor.  Police Chief William Terry said O'Brien will likely be suspended. 

Beverly city and police offcials declined comment.   O'Brien's lawyer, Robert Wise, also declined comment.