Teen firefighter wannabe charged with setting blazes
     Associated Press           May 13, 2001

   GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. A teen training to be a firefighter, recently hailed for rescuing his grandmother from a burning building, was arrested for allegedly starting a string of fires, including one that destroyed a Great Barrington lumber mill early this year.

  Darren Hunt, 17, of Stockbridge faces a juvenile charge of burning a building in connection with the Jan. 17 fire at the Barbieri Lumber Co.  Hunt was 16 at the time of the Barbieri fire.

Hunt is a junior probationary volunteer fireman with the Housatonic station of the Great Barrington Fire Department.

In March, Hunt was called a hero after pulling his wheelchair-bound grandmother from their burning home. At the time, Hunt credited his fire department training with helping him stay calm and deflected praise for his actions.

"It was something anybody would have done," he said.

Hunt also faces juvenile charges in connection with a 1997 fire that destroyed a wooded area in Stockbridge and two trash bin fires the day of the Barbieri blaze, police said.

Hes facing adult charges in connection with a trash bin fire in Stockbridge and a brush fire in Great Barrington in April.

Hunt was released to his parents and is scheduled to be arraigned on the adult charges Monday in Southern Berkshire District Court in Great Barrington.

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