To:  Head Master, ZHS                        x/xx/00
Fr:   Zeus, instructor
Re:  Obnoxious, Rude & Ill-mannered Freshmen
             (Hm Rm Z03 - as an example)
Definition: 'students' means a quarter , or more, of those present.

Students refuse to go to assigned seats as directed (7:34:30).
Students refuse to become quiet and remain so, when directed (7:34:30).
Recently, many students have been sneaking in after the tardy bell (7:35+).

Several students openly talk back; even after receiving detentions!
Several students still believe the 'over booking' of detentions will have the excess (teacher originated) excused.
Many other students contribute to the chaos by talking out and grunting.

Students refuse to stand during the pledge to the Flag.
Students refuse to remain quiet during the pledge to the Flag.
Students are rude and boisterous during morning announcements.

Your "better" students raise hands, then without permission, blurt out STUPID questions or make unsolicited comments.
Students refuse to sit forward, be quiet, and permit others to watch and listen to Channel One.