How to choose a text 

A certain school system, considering the adoption of a physical science text for use in the junior high schools, asked the opinion of the science teachers and also put the book in the local library for examination by parents and interested citizens. 

One of the latter was a teacher of physics from a nearby university who happens to be a regular correspondent of The Physics Teacher

Parents, citizens, and science teachers were nearly unanimous in approval of the book, but the university physics teacher was horrified. 

Even a superficial examination revealed inaccuracies and errors in the text and closer study revealed very fundamental flaws.

After voicing his disapproval in the accepted way, he finally expressed his outrage to the high school teachers themselves. 

They were unimpressed, and defended their choice this way:

The students for whom we plan to use this text are poorly motivated and prepared, therefore,

The low reading level of the book makes it easy to understand.

These students will not recognize the inconsistencies of the explanations.

These students will not need to relearn the material since they are not college bound.

The kind of explanations found in the book will be easier understood (because they agree with the student's misconceptions).

Anything that appears as an explanation to students about the modern, advanced topics will satisfy them.

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