TO: Parents of Xenon - - - - - - R-xx/xx/00

FR: A Zeus, Physics/Mathematics

I, too, regret missing the Nov. evening conference.  I look forward to meeting with the many parents who come out those evenings.

Perhaps I can shed some light upon Xenon's progress, or lack there of.

Xenon must get his priorities straight.  He is in class to listen to, and take notes from, his instructors.  These form the guidelines for home work practice in preparation for evaluations.

Class is not for passing notes, carrying on conversations with peers or making drawings/sketches to show classmates.  The rigors of mathematics preclude these distractions for most freshmen, especially Xenon.

Xenon is one member of a large class, many of whom are exceedingly rude and ill-mannered.  I have been required to forbid 'guests' before morning homeroom, for the first time in thirty-five years.  Furthermore, Xenon's algebra class mates insist on throwing things and making noises if I am required to be in the hallway.

Xenon should take copious class notes, transcribe neatly the same and do fifteen home work exercises daily.  This way he will not have as much opportunity to hang around the rude element at ZHS or at home.

Thank you for the opportunity to address these issues. I hope Xenon will continue to make strides towards becoming a student.

Good luck, A Zeus

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