The Evening Sentinel

Page 4 Wednesday, May 26, 1976

Editorial opinion

Wise use of resources needed

The writer of a Letter to the Editor that appeared on this page the other day made a good point when he said that the world's oil reserves were becoming depleted.

Axxxxx J. Dubrexxx of Xxxxx wrote: "Fossil fuel reserves are finite and nonrenewable. We have reached and passed our maximum in oil reserves and may not be in a too dissimilar situation with respect to our coal reserves in the near future. These natural reserves took many millions of years to form but we could completely deplete them within a few decades."

While there is only so much oil in the ground and some day this oil reserve will become exhausted, the search is still going on. The demand for oil and other petroleum products continues and the search for this oil must not cease.

Some day, the world will be without petroleum. It will all be used up. Automobiles and other vehicles will have to run on some other kind of energy.

That day is only a few decades off. Until that time comes, this country should use its available oil reserves and petroleum products as wisely as possible. While an increase of overall refinery capacity throughout the country may not be needed, these refineries must operate efficiently to get as much oil as possible to the consumer.

Also, as Dubrexxx said in his letter, New England, which has no refinery, should get one as soon as possible because, without one, its dense population must depend on expensive shipments of oil from other parts of the country or directly via ship from other countries.

Dubrexxx also was right when he said that American should conserve its natural resources, including petroleum, and find alternate sources of energy, so that the country can continue to enjoy a high standard of life at minimum cost.