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Bylaws for G03 ( Physics/Lab )

                                                                                        Quiet  &  Take  Notes

I.   All students will, by the tardy bell/tone :

   A.   Be in assigned seat, facing forward and quiet.
   B.   Remain quiet, non-disruptive and attentive.
   C.   Have covered textbook and notebook open to current material.

II.  Assignments :

   A.  Each student is responsible to know:

        1. What material has been assigned.
        2. When assigned material is to be completed.
        3. Lesson Plan book is available on Lecture Table.

   B.   All assignments will be completed and submitted on day due, before class starts.
          (> Exceptions, accompanied by a physician's certificate,
                                                                 will be considered on an individual basis.< )

   C.   Specific assignments/homework for the following week are issued on the first day of the week.

III. Absence from class :

   A.   1.  Students excused from class are responsible to make up all work, especially class notes, before
               the next class session.
          2.  Any assignments must be submitted on due date.

   B.   Assignments which fall on the day of absence will be submitted on the
          day the student returns to school.

   C.    Missed quizzes/exams will be made up on the students' return to school.
           (< Exceptions, as noted in II.B, above. >)

IV. Late assignments :

    A.  One grade will be deducted for each day the assignment, or quiz/exam is late.

    B.   1. Student will return to room G03 period 8 (1:40-2:10p.m.) each day assignment is not submitted.
           (Maximum - one calendar week.)
          2. Zeros (0/100) will be issued for all assignments/exams/quizzes not completed within one calendar week
            (excluding recesses). (< A minimal value such as '13' may be issued at the instructor's discretion. >)

    ====>  Adherence to I, II & III insures a high class participation grade  <=====