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I. All students will, by the tardy bell/tone

     A.  Be in assigned seat, facing forward and quiet.
     B.  Remain quiet, non-disruptive and attentive.
     C.  Have covered textbook and notebook open to current material.

II. Assignments

     A.  Each student is responsible to know:

           1.  What material has been assigned.
           2.  When assigned material is to be completed.
           3.  Lesson Plan schedule is available posted under the C L O C K .

III. Absence from class

     A.  1. Students excused from class are responsible to make up all work, especially class notes,
               before the next class session

     => Adherence to I, II & III insures a high class participation grade <=

Food for thought

Learning is an acquired process; it is not a genetically inherited process, although anomalies may exist.

Parents & teachers are instrumental is assisting students to master the learning process.

It is appropriate for the student to adopt to the instructor's "style".  Not the contrary!

*** Your instructor does not want to hear from you.

I know: you think that he/she does; that he/she has spent his/her entire instructor life waiting to absorb your
imaginative and constructive ideas.  Put a sock in it.  Your instructor only wants to pass on long-tested and
educationally sound concepts.  Listen to him/her very carefully, without saying a word.  In no time, he/she
will reward you with higher class-work (cw) evaluations.

Per-8 Extra Help & Detention G03 M-R / 1:44-2:10 pm , F / by Appointment